Fittest on Earth" Crossfit Games

A friend of mine snapped me the other day with the caption 'I just figured out what the Murph is. You are my hero.'

She watched this documentary on Netflix called 'Fittest on Earth', it's nuts. It's the 2015 cross fit games. It's NUTS!These people are crazy fit. They are so built. There's not a whole lot of adipose tissue on these athletes.
Check on the trailer and you can kind of see what I'm talking about.

This may or may encourage you. I have no idea where you are at in your fitness journey. Please don't think you need to look like these people, or feel that you need to be at this caliber of health, but it's an interesting look at what it takes to have the bodies they have.

The only weight these people are concerned about are the weights on the bars their lifting. I can gaurentee some of them are probably over their BMI chart levels simply because of all the muscles they have.

These push themselves to the ultimate challenge. I think it's fantastic. I love the idea of crossfit but I'm also very well aware of my disadvantages you could say. I don't have a ton of cartilage in my knees especially my left one (I know, I know...a runner with bad

You just have to choose your goal. Listening to them, you can see them talk themselves through tough events, trying to stay positive. How some of the athletes just feel beat down. Tired. At their lowest point.
But than watch them triumph.

So even if you aren't trying to push yourself to this (insane) caliber you can see how the mind of an athlete works, how you have to talk to yourself to keep going.

Whatever your goals, whatever you fitness level, you have to have a good frame of mind to help bring everything together. Your body, your mind, your soul.

Alright, I'm HUNGRY!! I need to find me some carbs! LOL