Head Space: A journey through my thoughts, could be dangerous

It's possible I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block again. I have things I want to post about it but it's really more of just rambling.Shall we see where my rambling takes us?

Something I've been thinking about lately is, Red once asked me, 'what do you want do, not what you want to be, but what do you want to do with your life?'

I really had to think about that one. At the time, I wanted to make the ordinary, extraordinary. I felt like I was accomplishing that goal little by little.  My work, I felt called to do my job. To spend time with others, helping them feel better, reconnect with their bodies. 

The quote, 'Making the ordinary extraordinary', always reminds me of that story in the bible where Moses was tending sheep in field and he came across a burning bush. (Exodus 3) During that time frame, it was perfectly natural/ordinary for a shepherd to be standing out in the field (or was it forest?) watching over his flock. Naturally seeing a brush fire he walked over to inspect it. Amazed that the bush was on fire but not burning to ash he went closer to the bush. This simple act of doing his job and protecting his sheep turned extraordinary when the Lord spoke to him. God told Moses that he sees the oppression of his people and that Moses must go to the Pharaoh to lead his people out of Israel.

Moses asked (3:11) 'Who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?'

Moses you see wasn't very articulate. He didn't have a lot of self confidence. He was also a murderer and yet God wanted him! He wanted him to lead his people to the land of milk and honey. The promised land.

While Moses, with the help of his brother Aaron led the people out of Egypt they encountered so many set backs. Again and again and again. Lost in the forest. Lost in the dessert. A trip, if I recall correctly that should have only taken a week or a month, took them...40 years.
Do you feel like you are stuck in that dessert? Some times I do. Sometimes I just cry because my heart hurts so much.

Moses kept going back time and time again to the Pharaoh, God performed miracles through him until his goal was met. Even then...God still had to part the waters for his people to cross to truly be free of the oppression from the mighty Egyptians at the time. Then even after they were free they still encountered hardship. THEN, THEN, Moses had to climb a mountain just to talk to God. During a thunderstorm!

The funny thing about goals though, they change, they progress, they get harder. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Setting a date to run a marathon. Easy enough to do but not scary.

Sitting down and physically writing out my schedule, though? That's different. Realizing that 11 miles in the middle of November is what's going to be considered a short run. 20 miles on Christmas? (That might have to wait a day.) Knowing the course that's set out before me, I am both terrified and elated. It also has me wondering what might be my next goal? Would I be satisfied if I never accomplished another fitness goal after this?
 Getting your people out of Egypt but never to the promised land?

Lately, I've been reevaluating what it is I want to do. Not be, but do. 'To be' something is a job choice. A title. A thing.
'To do' is an action. It's movement.

Moses didn't want to be a leader. What he wanted to do was help free his people, his brethren.
I don't have any big revelations today what this means for me. I do know that I can feel the change in my bones though. Wanting to stay on track with counting my macros. With eating healthy, getting enough rest, limiting alcohol. I'm going to do what I can to make my small space in the world a better place not only for me, but for those around me.

Setting a goal is easy. Attaining that goal, takes patience, practice, faith, and grit.

Tomorrow I'll be back with the more normal fitness/health inspiration stuff. For now, thanks for reading my bible lesson and the thoughts inside in my head. ;)