Motivation Monday

I had an accidental post yesterday. So if you stopped by, I had a question...which was supposed to lead into a post, but all I got out was the question! LOL, so I just deleted the post.

The question, how far should I run? I was trying to decide if I should run the 5 miles that I had been mentally preparing for or the miles that I was scheduled to run. All in all, by the time I got around to running, It was WAY to late to run 5 miles. I had a breakfast date with a friend, and REALLY didn't want to miss it.
It was so lovely to see her and her babies. OH my gosh. Her babies are so cute. We'll call her Red and him House Hubby. Red is the type of friend who is really good for the soul. We don't talk tons or see each other often, but she's just that person that every time we get together she makes my heart smile.

 Right now House Hubby is getting to stay home with them and he writes this HILLARIOUS blog on what it's like to raise twins. Twin Corporated is written sometimes in a memo style with the twins vary notably being the boss. It's a good laugh if you don't have kids, but for those with kids, or twins, you'll be able to sympathize with them. Enjoy!

I have a short Motivation Monday to post today. I've been lacking a little motivation, but doing better overall.

 Here are some snapshots of things that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded to be healthy. (A new recurring post, check the magic behind the post here.
I started dog sitting! I think I mentioned that in an early post...can't remember. I absolutely love it! 
 This is the shy Stella. The ol' Man went home today and as I was packing his stuff Stella looked unabashedly at her leash as if to say 'YO! WOMAN! TAKE ME OUT!' I couldn't say no. Turns out though...she will POOP without warning while running! I nearly ran over her from this drive by pooping. THAT HAPPENED TWICE! I got poo all over my hand, it was actually kind of funny.
She's happily passed out by the vent now though. It was pretty hot outside today. Our run totally stunk though. We got a solid mile run in. Unfortunately she was sort of all over the road ,so we had to walk the last two miles to keep her in line. As well as letting the other runners and bikers pass without much interference. She likes to say hi.
(There's a great blog called Running with Ollie. She's a runner who runs with her beautiful girl Ollie. She is a dedicated blog to running with dogs. If you enjoy my quips about running and dogs, you'll love her blog.)

 I got my Bobby shirt from Represent this week!!! I love Supernatural (if you haven't noticed) and any time there's a chance to show my love for a show but also support a worthy cause, I can't say no. Plus it's another burn out style tank that I can run in (lolol, cause I need more of those). Represent makes great products and supports worthy causes, it's worth the click over...I may have ordered another one this week.

 Finally who doesn't love more pictures of dogs? Stella is giving the Hubs a hug while he makes jerky, do you think she wants some? And a dream come true last night, I had all dogs lined up and picture perfect. I've told the Hubs I want 4 dogs...sort of got one step closer this weekend, but I'm sure Ms. B will be happy when she's got the place back to herself again. 

So, this week, I'm getting back into the thought process of blogging, here's what you'll fin this week on the blog:: Macro Basics, A trip down the supplement aisle, new recipe Thursday, and potentially more info on Macros. It seems there's a lot of misinformation out there and I want to help my readers out in discovering the basics of what macros are and what the heck ya' do with them.

One last thing, I should give a shout to my readers. I'm always taken back when someone mentions my blog to me. Two people mentioned that they have been following me. That they find motivation in my motivation.
Thank you all so much. You keep me coming back. A community of being healthy and happy always keeps me coming back.
MUAH! Thank you readers for being a part of my daily routine, Love you all!

Well, I better go feed myself before I succumb to cravings and over loading on carbs.