Weekly Meal Planner

Here it is the LONG awaited meal plan for the week. I'm doing great-ish. I had a lot of m&m's the last two days but not obsessive amounts. I've really upped my vegetables! Easy to do in the summer I think...a little more variety lately. I've had little to no pain in my feet AND knees today! WOOO!! I even mowed the lawn and took Runner on a walk/run!

He's so cute! He goes home tomorrow. Bittersweet, since he's such a cutie but nice because I think Ms. B will enjoy have the house back to herself. That and runner will get to be with his people again tomorrow. Thank you for the prayers, he adjusted well to the house the last few weeks. B isn't sure about him, but she's also not doing great...her age is really starting to get to her.

Anyway...wow, I went on a MAJOR detour, lol....Here's the meal plan...oh vey, ll

B- Banana Bread, French Toast (this will be on the 4th) with egg whites & organic fuji apple & peanut butter.

#2- Egg bake with cherries. (The egg bake is about 3-4 cups of eggs whites from a carton poured into a dish with a ton of vegetables ((Add your favorite)) and baked for about 30-40minutes at 350)
Protein powder with almond milk (I've discovered a new brand of Almond milk, it tastes great! No weird after taste. Carraggnan free. Not a lot of liquid in the bottle and somewhat expensive, but worth it.)

#3 - Burgers (On the fourth) I'll have mine over lettuce without cheese and Organic Lemon Garlic dressing from Tessemae. It's VERY good, however full of fat. So if you happen to be watching your fat intake for whatever reason this might not be the dressing for you, but my gallbladder is acting fine (LOL, some of the family is having issues with their gallbladder's. Luckily I'm not!) Chicken salad, Greek Chicken salad with cucumbers, Tacos, Bacon/Tomato/Cucumber Salad with sir kensington mayo, Shredded chicken with lettuce and the Tessemae dressing, Crock Pot Shredded Salsa Chicken

#4- Slice turkey with cucumbers, Sliced Turkey with Peaches, Going to try this new fun recipe High Protein Cookie Dough with Apples

#5- Grilled Steak, Burgers, Broiled Salmon, Taco salad (ground beef, vegetables, salsa, over lettuce or with sweet potato chips) Breakfast (probably paleo pancakes, egg whites, and lots of vegetables) Ribs, Drumsticks, Cilantro Lime Chicken 

Alright, it's late...I'm zoning out.