A direct quote from Iron Woman

'We completed 6 miles. We also learned a valuable lesson today.'

Today was supposed to be an 8 miler for both of us. She is running her first half of the year next weekend while I am running a 9 miler in preparation for the half in October.

The key phrase in that first sentence though was supposed to be.

We both chose to have a few drinks last night. We thought we were being smart by starting early keeping the drinks low, and drinking lots of water, however we both were slow and tired today.
The humidity surrounded us while the sun beat at our backs. After mile two we had to walk. It was too much.

It was still a successful 6 miles, as Iron woman said, however we won't be drinking again before a long run in a long time.

In general I've been having issues with...corporate America all week. My phone took a complete dump on Friday and I haven't been able to get my phone carrier to work with me. However I'm being stubborn and I refuse to pay the insurance deductible when I'll have my phone paid for cheaper in two months and I'll be 'eligible' for a new phone. A friend of mine is sending me an old smart phone to help me out, which is very nice of her. Hoping it'll help me get by for a while.

It's a strange not having my phone. I have realized how much time I spend with my nose stuck in my phone. Looking at uselessness. When I am back up and running in the more instant world of knowledge via my phone, I plan to delete a lot of apps. I'd like to only have my fitness apps and most definitely, MY MUSIC!!!

 Alright, it's time for me to fold laundry and rest my tired body and mind.