Adventures in Gym Touring

I visited another gym this past week, It was pretty bad. The owner was fairly unprofessional. It is part of a franchise, so I wanted to make sure I visited both locations I would potentially be using. One is closer to work and the other one is closer to home.
The one closer to work was amazing! I was so impressed with their willingness to meet even though I didn't schedule an appointment. The trainer who showed me around understood and respected that I knew what I was talking about. That particular location had an amazing back story too. The owner suffers from MS and had lost 170+ pounds. I should figure a place that is run by someone like this, would be hard to beat.

Click on the Good House Keeping Link to get her story. You won't be sorry you read it. I promise. 

It would be hard to find a gym that shows compassion and drive for not only their own health as well as their clients health when you have a success story such as Tabitha. 
When I toured the location closer to home, I had high expectations. Which were quickly dashed. The owner didn't introduce himself. He shouted out of this office door for me to come in. He tried to sell me a membership RIGHT AWAY without even touring the gym. No, for real, he pulled out this special laminated piece of paper that he could scribble all over and wipe off (which to be fair so did the other location, but they waited till the end, weren't pushy. Basically said take time, think about it.) where the unprofessional man proceeded to try and sell me a higher price point then the location closer to work. The gyms may be in two different counties but there only 20mins from each other...there can't be THAT big of a difference. This guy had sleaze ball written all over him. 
He didn't ask about my fitness goals, clearly an owner who wants to get to know his people...not. When I brought up that I was training for a full marathon this coming January he said 'Oh so I bet you haven't even started training yet huh?'
uuhhhh.....yeah. Back in July. But Maybe he doesn't know anything about running.
I informed him that I had started training because I am also scheduled to run a half in October. 
He asked the date and I told him. 
He said, and I quote, 'I'm getting married the day before that. Maybe I should run a marathon instead.'
Also, he has an 'unregulated' sauna at this location. It's top secret though because if corporate finds out they'll take it away. He claims it's for his guests, because he's invested in them. He gave me his business card with his personal cell phone number on it, for after hours (the female trainer who actually works there also has the same set up.) he said it was for in case anything is broken or you're having a problem with any of the other customers to call that number. 
Should I be concerned that they feel the need to warn us about conflict?

The location closer to work walked me through everything from the front door and around. Indicated phones for emergency, life alert buttons, security cameras. They watch the doors often. They know what goes on in there gym. They know whose working out, whose bringing a friend, and they can even rewind the tape of the cameras to help you find an item you might have lost. 

This guy...not a freaking clue. 'People think our cameras are fake, which is weird, but they're real!'

K. (Insert rolling eyes)

I have one more gym to tour tomorrow morning. I'll keep you posted...this one is even closer to work, so we'll see. Might come down to price.

Alright everyone, 
I am out of here.