Monday Motivation 15: Running

 Here are some snapshots of things that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded to be healthy. A recurring post every Monday, check the magic behind the post here.

Tonight's Monday motivation is all about running. For the last 3 summers I have been running with Iron Woman at Run Happy Hour at our local running store. I keep thinking, what am I going to do on Monday nights now? Luckily there will be  few unofficial runs through the rest of the summer and into the early fall, so there will be plenty more Run Happy Hour posts to come, they just won't feature as much beer ;) 

Tonight's run was a bit overcast and after the first mile the rain started to drizzle. I told Iron Woman, the last time we ran in this much rain was our duathlon two years ago. 

I had to remove my glasses in order to keep running, I couldn't see anyway. After the long hot run yesterday, the cool splatter of rain felt great on my muscles and skin. My face was covered in water, I had to keep wiping at it with my shirt...which at this point was also wet, so that I could run. Iron Woman even asked if her mascara was running, due to the amount we were being pelted with.
Luckily the storm held off until the drive home, and blessed be that we all made it home safe. While on the drive home though, I had time to think. Think about everything running means to me. Everything the run happy hour has been in my life.

I look forward to every run with Iron Woman. She has a vast array of friends who always seem to be more intelligent and interesting than the next. Through her I get to meet so many people. We ran with the Doc tonight. She's in residency right now, but has a passion for her career and also loves to run. We became official tonight by exchanging numbers and snap chat names. 

Monday night runs are the that time during the summer were I can put into perspective every stress I have. I can channel my negative emotions into every mile.
It is to the point where, other than family, everything else is secondary to Monday night runs. Sometimes we talk during these miles and other times we just pop in the headphones and let are minds zone out and wander. It is a time for me to focus and sometimes even pray.

We run in the rain. We run in the heat. We will even get the chance to run in the snow soon. As Iron woman said on Sunday 'On any day, at any time, under any condition I know I can run at least half a mile.' It's what gets us through.

Not just those miles, but life. 

That's what running has done for me.
Peak Performance and Run Happy Hour, this one's for you...Until Next Year.