Potentially Switching Gyms

I've been thinking about switching gyms. For a couple of different reasons, but it does kind of freak me out because I haven't joined a new gym in over 5-6 years. I like my gym, but they don't offer the classes they used to offer. I like the option of using the pool, but I can tell you I barely even looked at it this year. I haven't set foot in the pool since last year.

I get to the gym when I can. Usually only once or twice a twice. Mostly focusing on my running. I prefer running outside to the treadmill but once winter hits I'll need a treadmill.

I've been researching gyms in the area and came across one that made me excited yet intimated to switch gyms. It wasn't the equipment or the the super buff people...in a fact that was the part that made me intimated.
It was this...

I know it seems crazy. 3 minute burpee's. What? What would posses someone to want to do that? A challenge! I love a good fitness challenge. Someone inside of my brain there's a little voice that says 'try it. do it.'

To me, it seemed like a community of fitness minded individuals encouraging each other to the next level. Intimidating because I'd have to be held accountable. 

It would help raise the bar though in my fitness life. You can never be afraid to keep trying, keep going. Keep rising. 

I found a gym that's about $8 cheaper a month than what I am currently paying. It doesn't offer a pool, and some of the classes I would have to pay for, but I'm not using classes or a pool right now. 

I like where I'm at, for the most part, but I don't feel like I did when I first started going there. I love the staff. Some of the gym members annoy me...they're older...some don't believe in personal hygiene...they got rid of the classes I like...
I'm pretty sure I'm going to switch to the new one, but it's hard to leave, ya' know? Even if it's full of people who smell. It's where I lost 80lbs! It's where I found me underneath of my bull. 

What could I discover if I go to a place that's more motivating though? More challenging? I've done the gym franchise before and got burned bad, so I'm nervous going into another franchise...but hopefully this one is different. I'll keep you posted, I have my walk through of another location tomorrow.

For now...here are a few web links on helping you decide if you should switch gyms.