Speed Drills for Runners

I won't post a new recipe this week, mostly because I didn't get to make any. A lot of the stuff I made this last week ended up being more than what we could eat so we've been eating a lot of left overs lately. Which is fine by me.

Today I tried something new though! Well for my workouts anyway. Instead of hill runs I've been focusing on speed the last two weeks. Last week was some interval training, this week I switched it up. I attempted a variation of high knees, butt kickers, and grapevines. I can't say that it improved my speed yet, but I felt really good after the run. Even though I walk/ran plus did a few of those drills, I still finished at recently decent time.

I mix and matched today's workout based on some of these articles and exercises. Hope they bring help to you too.

If you are looking to try and up your running game, interval training and speed drills are one way to help with that. Plus it feels great! It was a good workout today. I didn't even mind the sprinkling rain a bit. LOL
Blessings everyone, hope you have had a happy Thursday.