Sunday Runday: Long Run

I ran 7 miles today. It's the furthest I've ran all year. It some ways, since I took off last year...basically, I feel like I'm starting all over. I feel tired and slow....well, I complained enough already in an earlier post.

I realized today though that I felt good. My feet were bugging me yesterday. Enough so, that I had to take an anti-inflammatory. However, I have had no knee pain. It's been great. The back of my left knee is tight, but that one always seems to give me fits if I don't stretch it enough.

Iron Woman and I talked for the first mile and half. It's so refreshing to be out there, setting pace, catching up on the week. Filling each other in on all the little stories, but around or before mile 2 we started to phase out and put our ear buds in. Getting in the feel for the grind of a long run. Iron Woman rocked out an impressive 12 miles.

Even though we both a similar goals to under a half in under 2hrs this year, I think we really are thinking into January about our first ever full marathon.

As well as those grueling winter months that are said to be coming this winter.


I know it will be fun though, because I'll have her with me.

Alright, I have to get out of here...the man keeps talking to me and I'm only half way listening. I need to go be a good wife.