Weirdest Chest Cold Ever

This is the weirdest chest cold I have EVER had. For real. It's mostly useless, like most colds. However there is no purpose to this one. I'm not coughing up anything. I'm not overly sick and feeling awful. I don't even have a fever!

I had a small one on Monday, a fever that is. Now, I just can't breath. It's the weirdest dang thing. My mom has me on mucinex which allows me to breath deeper. Gotta love breathing. I thought I was much better this morning so I figured I'd pick up my training again.
The 2 mile hill run was labored and somewhat slow. I had to stop at just after a mile for a coughing fit. Again the most pitiful useless little bitty cold ever! I keep trying to suck down water, thinking more water means more oxygen in my makes sense if you don't think about it.

If I'm not better than next week I'll head to the doctor. I'm refusing to think it's anything other than a minor wish me luck! LOL

It's now late where I'm at...I'm going to start making my rounds for bed.
Thank you all for listening to me ramble, I even had some good stuff planned. I will be back to tomorrow, but with better stuff!