When in doubt, call mom

I started coming down with a chest cold starting Saturday. Right after my longer run '4.5', I left short of breath...it took awhile for me to catch it a breath easy. Then Saturday night we went to a friends house for a cook out but I needed up sitting near the smoker, which also didn't help. By Monday I was running a slight temp and it hurt to breath. I was trying not to panic but when my chest hurt I did the best thing I could...I called mom.

She broke out her stethoscope. Reassured me everything was fine. Then sent me home with vicks vapor rub and some musicnex...but needless to say, and I will say anyway, I've now missed two days worth of training.

I got really pumped this morning thinking, oh this is great I feel so much better, my chest doesn't hurt! Let's do this! Get up and start walking around *hack, hack, cough, cough*
Well...that decides that. I should be able to do something tomorrow.

Thursday for sure I'll be back at it full force.

Check out Runners World for the reasoning behind why "Chest = Rest" or anything above the neck is a-okay, as well as why you should consider, the 3 day rule.