I had the Plague

I had a moderate cold this week. The doctor called it a bacterial infection which...ew! However, I think it was really an infection of my sinuses. What fun! Before I went to the doctor I tried everything. At least it felt I tried everything. From a decongestant to vicks vapor rub, to a humidifier, and then...a hot toddy with a shot whiskey. By Wednesday when I was STILL under the weather, I gave in and went to the doctor.

She suggested taking Mucinex D to help with the congestion however...it kept me up all hours of the night. Which an unrestful night of sleep does not make a healthy adult the next day. I stopped taking the Mucinex D and went back to the regular over the counter decongestant and I got 9 whole hours of sleep last night.

Now I don't feel like a brand new lady, but I do feel much better!

With all of that said, I wanted to share with you this recipe I found for a hot toddy. Now I'm not telling you to forgo medicine and just try whiskey to calm your cold, what I am saying is, in the past it has helped me with a minor cough and restful night of sleeping.

My grandfather, 9+ years ago had a really bad cold a few nights before my wedding. My grandmother gave him an over the counter med and told him to rest up. The morning of the big day, I asked my grandfather how he felt after explaining the medicine my grandma gave didn't work. He said 'It didn't do a d@*% thing. So I had two shots of whiskey last night and I feel better!'

I could probably shoot whiskey straight if I had too but it's a pleasurable enough drink for me to do that. Taken with some warm water and honey though? They'll make it go down pretty smooth. 

I even tried the non-alcoholic with unfiltered apple juice, it tasted as good as apple cider, if not better. I definitely recommend tasting it, even if it is just to have it by the fire on a brisk fall night.