Joy & PCOS

This is a bit of a different post tonight then I usually write. While it's not directly related to fitness it is related to your overall health journey. Mental healthiness.As well as touching more on PCOS Awareness month. 

Sometimes, I wish it were more, I try to prayerfully consider what it is God might want me to write about on my blog. What do people need to be encouraged by? What should I share with my readers?

This week a few things have come to my mind and one of them is Joy. So much of having PCOS is struggling. Is losing and not having joy. Sometimes it even steals your hope. At times, it destroys you. Why another missed period? Why another negative pregnancy test?

I heard this great sermon by Charlotte Gambill called the Long Way Around, where she talks about kicking the devil in teeth. She struggled for 5 years with infertility. It was at one particular event that she was going to be preaching where she discovered her last cycle (whether it was IUI or IVF I don't know) at the doctors didn't work. She still went out and preached to other women about taking plunder from the devil and kicking him in the teeth.

I had a tough few days recently. Cried and felt off and just really wanted to live a burrito lifestyle (Wrap up in a blanket and stay there awhile). It's so easy to live there though. To just camp inside of those bad moods.

I decided a couple months ago that I wasn't going to let the Devil steal my joy anymore. As Joyce Meyer says 'Jesus came so that we may have life and enjoy it to its fullest'

Every time I find myself crying or in bad mood, I do my best to find the Joy. To kick the devil in his teeth and focus on the good.
Not to say that I'm not allowed to cry or I'm not allowed to have bad days or bad moods but to live there takes away from the enjoyment of life.


If you eat like crap, you feel like crap. When you lose sight of Joy, it's easy for the perpetual cycle of negativity to continue. At least it is for me. I feel like sometimes I have to work harder at finding positivity, but as long as I don't stop trying, I will be okay. 

Sometimes when we fall behind on our diet or our fitness journey it's easy to let it all go. To just forget it. To let our PCOS symptoms take over and control us rather than trying to control our symptoms.
I've been lacking lately. I thought I had it back, but really I'm tired of making the same ol' thing. I'm tired of running the same ol' route. I'm tired of the same ol' routine. 

So I'm mixing it up. Found some new delicious recipes that I will be adapting from Pioneer Woman, and I made some protein cookies. I even got the 'fatty' to go on a walk. 

 You can tell how Joyful she feels in this picture. 

This was from last week, this week we made it all the way around the circle before she decided she'd had enough!

Alright everyone, I need to share some bandwidth with the Man.