Monday Motivation 15

 Here are some snapshots of things that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded to be healthy. (A new recurring post, check the magic behind the post here.

It was slightly hard to stay motivated this week due to the plague I had. My cough is more 'productive' aka I'm clearing the mucus out of my lungs. I'm exhausted today but for good reasons. I ran 8 miles yesterday! For not having ran since my 10 mile run last Sunday, or even having worked out...I did REALLY good. I finished in an hour and a half. I was right on point for where I thought I would be. I went on to deep clean our bedroom that day as well.

Today I got a small run in with Iron Woman. She is using a new modified training plan which focuses on time rather than distance. I'm interested to see how this will work, but I also understand the theory. Essentially, whether you run 6 miles or walk 6 miles, you're still moving for a certain amount of time. It's really more about spending time on your feet then it is how far you can go in a certain amount of time. Focusing on intensity for certain training days vs distance vs speed. It'll be interesting and I'll keep you posted.

For now, here are this weeks pictures!

 I got the new Beats by Dre Wireless over the ear buds. I'm embarassed to say how much money I spent on them. Mostly because I've never spent that much money on headphones...ever. However, some people put that same amount of money into other things. They are water and sweat resistant and come with a few different ear fit sizes, and have GREAT connection, I'll say the money I spent was worth it. Clear sound. Easy to charge Hasn't cut out on me so far. Since it also connects to my phone I was able to set up an auto reply so that I won't be interrupted in the middle of a workout anymore! They're comfortable as well. So far the only thing I am having to get used to is looking like a cyborg, otherwise they are great. 
 I made a taco dressing!! I used about 1/2 cup mayonnaise, a bit of almond milk to my desired consistancy (about 1/4 cup maybe a little more) Then 3 tbs of Simply Organic Fajita Seasoning. Mixed together with a fork and then poured over my salad. It tasted great! It made quite a bit. 

A bit of a short post today...mostly because apparently, my stinkin' phone isn't connecting to the blog! UGh! Plus, you know...I had the plague. Bluh. 

Alright everyone, it's bedtime! Did I say I was exhausted?