PCOS Awareness Month is back

It is PCOS Awareness Month and this year I have taken the step towards helping donate towards PCOS Gurls 5k run for the PCOS Symposium towards the end of September. You can donate here.

Even a dollar can go a long way towards helping us find a cure and study this sour disease just a little more.

The Symposium is put on by PCOS Challenge, it is their Vision to make PCOS a public health propriety. PCOS is one of the most critical, under-diagnosed, underfunded and neglected areas of health. There is a huge health disparity when it comes to PCOS diagnosis and support. 50% of women and girls with PCOS are going undiagnosed. Additionally, it often takes women several years and up to seven doctors before they can find someone who can help them with the condition. Despite affecting millions of lives and families and the serious health consequences, PCOS awareness and support organizations, receive less than 0.1% of the government, corporate, foundation, and community funding that other health conditions receive.We need to change this. One way to help to do that is by donating to PCOS Challenge. Help sponsor someone's run, such as I am. (I wish I could be there and run the race with all my 'Cycsters' but I won't be able to get the time off work, unfortunately. That and I'm in mega training mode for the half in October.)  

The 5k Bolt for PCOS is being held in Atlanta Georgia this year at the Georgia Institute of technology. If you have just been diagnosed with PCOS or have been a long time sufferer, check out the symposium. It is my dream to one day make it down there to the Symposium.

I try to post tomorrow but, more than likely I won't get to post this weekend. With a 9 mile run scheduled and time out on the farm, I might not get to a keyboard as soon as I would like.
Keep fighting the good fight.
Blessings to you all,