Think About Your Butt Ten Years Ago

I've had some minor disappointments with my health and fitness this last week. It's complete silliness really, just not eating as healthy as I normally do, ultimately comparing my journey to other peoples journey's. Basically just riding the negative train. Doing what I'm good at and over thinking as well.

So how do I get out of those moods?

Well, first things first. Have a REAL good mental check with yourself.

Realize I shouldn't strive for perfection but a good balance. I love food. I love making food. I love creating food, I love-love eating food! So why do I get so upset with myself when I over indulge? No one is going to take me to fitness jail. The only person I am disappointing is myself, in the long run. No one else really cares if I've put on 5 pounds or 12 pounds. I care! So ultimately I am disappointed in myself and jealous that other people are achieving goals...ugly, I know.

I was talking with Iron Woman last night on our recovering run (I ran 10 miles Sunday and she ran a half last weekend. Our short run was slow and steady, hence the recovery.) On Sunday after my long run, I had this great time with some friends at a local...I guess I'm not sure what to call it? It had putt-putt golf, a rock climbing wall, and batting cages! It was SOO Much fun! Knowing I would be running all morning and then moving all afternoon, I chose to wear workout capris. I was mostly comfortable, but ultimately thought I had made a good choice for the day.

That was until this perfect 10 with a perky booty came putt-putting around the corner. I've got pancakes and this woman had the perfect workout booty. I wasn't mortified, but I was close to embarrassed. They probably think I don't even workout. Weird how complete strangers change your way of thinking.

While our butts are never as big as we imagine, it's still easy to compare.

Anyway, as I was going on and on about this Iron Woman said "Think about your butt 10 years ago." (I'm starting to think I should call my blog Adventures with Iron Woman...I talk about her often enough lol!)

I was blown away. It's true. 10 years ago, I was 19. Newly engaged and weighed 40 pounds more. Double my pant size, and that was my booty.

That's just where I started though. I went on to gain 30 more pounds on top of that. I, of all people, should know how long of a journey this is. How much work it takes to go from point A to point B.

 (This was when I turned 20. Hard to believe that was me. One month after I got engaged)

(Myself  ((obviously)) just last weekend.)

I am strong and capable of achieving my health and fitness goals! I can be dedicated. I can be disciplined. So why do I beat myself up so bad when I stray? Why am busy comparing myself to others?

I'm not sure what your butt looked like 10 years ago, maybe it was thinner, firmer, maybe it was even bigger like mine. What I am sure of is there will be good days and there will be bad days.

My journey is my own and I need to stay the course.
Blessings everyone,