Weekend Recap: Long Run

We had a great time on the farm this weekend. I ran a total of 15 miles in two days,moved some cows, and definitely got in some good riding miles on the four wheelers. Plus ya' know, ate EVERTHING!
 That was a grueling 9 miles. Lots of dirt, gravel, and sticks that looked like snakes. It really felt like I was running in the sand. I was caked in dirt and grasshoppers! I was so slow, but I still got out there and got it done. For whatever reason, around mile 8 I just became irritated. I could feel the anger rising from my chest. The Man, who was being supportive by riding alongside me on his four wheeler, made me feel boxed in. I had some less than fantastic head phones and the tick tick tick of the muffler was ringing loudly in my ear. I had to ask him to ride ahead. He was too close, the muffler was too loud, and I was about to snap.

We got some good ride time in this weekend. My thumb pad hurts pretty bad from pressing down on the accelerator, or as the Man says 'the throttle.' My allergies have taken over now though and are in control of the breathing process through my nose, but the weekend was worth it though.

 I was not feeling my 'run' on Monday. I was supposed to do 5 miles, but after the 9 mile gravel and exhaust inhaled hills I needed to take it slow. I ended up walking, which took FOREVER, but it still felt good to get it done. 

For now, I just REALLY need to get back my regular routine of eating right and exercising with intention. 

Sunday before the run I had a hard time finding some motivation. These two quotes really helped me put two feet in front of the other. 

I knew it was going to be hard and suck, but this one really helped. It reminded to take one step at a time. To stick with each mile I was running instead of trying to take it all in mentally and physically. As in, not giving it everything at first then petering out, but rather just trying to run fast when I could and slow to a jog if I needed too.

I needed to get out of my head too this weekend. Letting my overthinking get the best of me. When I can run, I feel so free. I feel as if I can channel all of my negative emotions into my muscles and out to run harder, faster. I can also pray and just spend time with God. Ask him why. Ask him why not. Tell him thank you. It was a blessing to run this weekend. 

Alright it's late, I am off to bed.