Good News Thursday!

I had my follow up appointment with the doctor today. It went well! I'm celebrating just a smidgen.

She said take and slow and steady, bring your inhaler, oh and congrats, your allergies are still bad. I have to double up on allergy meds. Flonase + Allegra. Woo. At least I got cleared to run! While I won't be hitting any kind of records, I know I'll have fun with friends and family just accomplishing the task. Iron Woman said she also has run since about a week and a half ago, but she felt like it was good for her body, soul, and mind. She felt as if it had given her a break. It allowed her to focus on the joy of the run rather than her timing. After talking with a...more serious runner...Iron Woman said my best bet is to do some light movement today, then go for a 2-3 mile on Saturday. Work out the kinks and re-introduce the feeling to my body.

Luckily, I got a little light walking done this morning.

A walk that normally takes me less than 10 minutes took us 20. She sure hates walking...can you see how far behind she is? LOL

I've done great with not having nay candy! A few times I looked at the Halloween candy bowl at work and thought about snagging a lollipop but I've done a really good job of telling myself no.I didn't quite clear out the ice cream...okay, so I actually didn't get rid of ANY of the candy but I did keep myself from buying more chocolate chips! Only to buy Tazo Pumpkin Spice Latte


I know, I know. I couldn't help myself...I should have...but I didn't. Luckily the ingredients while it does have sugar, does not contain any dairy or soy. It's PERFECT for whenever I drink coffee. Which is rare. Pulled from the Tazo website it consists of an infusion (of water, black tea, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, natural flavors), cane sugar syrup, honey, ginger juice, natural flavors, citric acid. I promise to limit but, but I'm still so excited about it. 

The fact that I bought it yesterday but didn't open it this morning is also a testament to that promise. I also purchased this awesome tea from Yogi Called Breath Deep.

It couldn't hurt I figure. Just trying to take care of my system.

Thank you friends for your prayers and following me on this journey. I do ask that you continue to send me prayers of good health please. I'm still battling a cough and some minor mucus issues. I can't wait to run!