I have to Clear

Long time no post. I've been pretty down and out with the bronchitis. I've also been in the worst mood ALL week. My poor husband has suffered, as well as my mother, at the wrath of my moody non-running scheduling.

I also have been CRAZY eating sugar! All I could think about today, after talking a small walk around the block with the dog is, I must clear. It felt so good to be out and streching my legs and breathing in the fall foilage, I just knew I needed to do something for my emotional and physical health. I need to clear the house of all the bad junk food. I kept thinking, I WILL DUMP EVERYTHING...then it turned into well not this and not that and oh yeah, we need honey.


If you like the walking dead you'll enjoy the reference. It's from Season 3 episode 5 titled Clear. Rick goes back to his hometown to essentially...grab a few thangs. Robert Kirkman who is the creator of the comic books and ultimately the show, has said in a TV interview with Inside TV, that 'to clear' means a lot of things.

 "To a certain extent it’s the ravings of a lunatic but it’s also about him trying to clear out his life and clear out any entanglements around him. He’s living by himself so he’s trying to have a clear head. It’s basically about him getting rid of his wife and getting rid of his son and the only way for him to survive is to clear the area around him."

Too much sugar turns me into a raving lunatic. Mostly because having to much throws off my hormones, when my hormones are off I start having crazy mood swings. Plus it's incredibly easy to just keep eating chocolate and candy and whatever else I can get my hands on that resembles something sweet. Cake. Cookies. 

I need to clear the area around me. I need to start over in my kitchen. Pitch the junk and get back to eating whole, good healthy, meals. I wasn't certain I was going to pitch the gummy worms. Simply because, I never eat gummy worms. I legitimately have to be in the mood for them, and they might be good on long runs. Well what about the honey? Honey has some good properties and I think the Man would be irritated if I got rid of one of his prime jerky making ingredients.
The m&m's though? The ice cream? The chocolates in the freezer? That all needs to go and stop tempting me. I know it's there, so I just keep eating it. I'm not doing myself any favors by keeping it. I need to break the cycle again. 

Starting today, I am going to do my very best to not have any candy or sweet treats. I am going to clear out my kitchen. I would say no added sugar but if I'm allowed to start training again, I will more than likely end up consuming something with added sugar. For now, I'm just not going to have ANY candy until Halloween. 

The best plan, is to plan ahead. I've already started planning for Halloween and I have some amazing Paleo recipe ideas which I will share with you in the upcoming weeks.

For now...I need to clear.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said…
I know that feeling. You're frustrated because you can't DO the thing you love, so you EAT the thing you love. You get a sense of control, a sense of well being, albeit temporary. Notice however it's "Walking" dead, not "Running" dead. You're not quite there! hahaha! So yes, get rid of the cookies and the cake and the candy, keep the gummies for running and the honey for jerky. Heal the Bronchitis so you can go back to being you. Prayers are with you.
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you! Very true. Slow and steady wins the race.