Officially Marathon Training

It's weird to think about but it's also empowering to think about. This Sunday Iron Woman and I will be running 12 miles. What? Running 12 miles after running 13.1 miles? Bonkers! I think I have a better fueling strategy though especially after the half on Sunday.

The walk/run method is pretty famous especially with Jeff Galloway followers, it's a great way to set a pace but stay within a comfort zone. I think my goal so far is too run every mile and take a one minute walk break at every mile. Then the last mile of our runs I will walk a minute, run a minute. I found this fun list on Buzzfeed about the top 29 things you should know before running your first full marathon. The most interesting tip was to slow down at the finish and soak it all in, that moment passes quickly soak it in. If my excitement doesn't get the best me, I think the walk run method will help me slow down and soak in the moment, as well help me keep my stamina.

I've been listening to the Marathon Training Academy podcast recently as well. The latest, while admittedly I haven't gotten through it, it is a great podcast. Tips on how to keep going when things get tough, pro tip is having a mantra to default too. Such as 'time on feet'; 'can't stop, won't stop' etc. Whatever helps you keep going. Your mind will quit before your body will. 

Right now our thought process is to fatigue our legs during the week, that way we become used to running on exhausted legs. Build up our stamina for those longer runs. This week we are alternating 30min runs with 45min runs. It's an easy does it week though so I've been slow and walking when I need too. I'll try to explain this in more lay-mans terms later this week.

As far as fueling, I think I am going to stick with the Bolt Energy Chews, or Gummy Worms. Every 3 miles I will drink water, and have 3 chews. Iron Woman let me try some of her rhodiola's. It is an all natural energy supplement without caffeine or sugar. I'll get the brand name from her later, on Sunday I didn't really notice a difference when I took them. I want to try to take them before our long run on Sunday, and see if I don't notice a difference.

I plan to eat protein powder with oatmeal before each long run, then eat a hearty breakfast afterward. As well as continue to drink BCAA's to help with faster recovery time and to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness.

Woo, kind of dry material today but tomorrow I'll be back with some motivating confidence quotes!