Week 3 Plague Update: Bronchitis

I made my doctor mad at me. Or maybe, rather irritated. I finally went back to to the doctor yesterday. My head was so stuffed, everything hurt. Still coughing, and so incredibly exhausted. Almost asked her to check me for mono. She said this was DEFINITELY NOT mono.

She said "If you are not 100% better, and I mean 100% better, in 10 days you NEED to come back. Right away. Don't wait. We might need to take chest x-rays." I got sent home from work, and ordered to take the day off today.

I just kept pushing myself. Every time I thought I felt better I went for a run. Inevitably I'd end up hacking up a lung but, I thought I was clearing it all out of my system. Turns out, I was only making it worse.

I'm not allowed to run for the next 10 days, which further proves my point that I won't be reaching any form of a PR for the half marathon in 11 days. I'll probably do a ton of walking. Slow and steady wins the race.

 I texted Iron Woman and gave her the heads up that I'm grounded essentially, and she texted back right away.

"Okay, let's not panic or over think this. You've been training your @$$ off leading up to this. The past couple weeks have been a challenge but you still got out there and kept moving" She brought up a good point that by the time my 10 days is up, I'll be about mid week for the half "You can still go out and run a portion of the race and take walk breaks. It's about staying moving. This is just a chance to to strive to improve to be better. This is an opportunity to get out there and get back into training after the bronchitis." (Basically this break will help me refocus on the end goal of marathon training).

 We all need friends like this. We need a Samwise to our Frodo. Reminding us that one set back will not take us out forever. The struggle is part of the journey. That we can overcome any obstacle, with a little refocusing, I will get back on track and run an AMAZING 26.2 miles in January. In Phoenix, for our dirty 30. It's going to be great for now, rest. Be kind to myself and thank God for supportive friends, family, and puppy cuddles.