Sunday Runday

Fourteen Miles. 14. What was I thinking?

I battled MAJOR knee pain today. I walked most of the 14 miles. I averaged 13min 40 sec per mile. About 3 mins slower than what I would need to reach my goal for the full marathon in January.

The knee brace didn't help and I bought some pathetic off brand athletic tape that hardly sticks to my that didn't do ANY BIT OF GOOD. Well, I also didn't use it on the run...I need to get this knee pain figured out. Keep working on those abductors and adductors.

My knee hurts, my ankles hurt. I can't believe how much of it I walked. I felt liked I hiked more than anything today. I'm hoping I'll have this knee pain under control by my next long day. Thankfully next Sunday is an easy 35minutes.

Mostly all I could think about was to just keep going. There literally was nothing else going on in my brain. Well, maybe the thought of French Toast when I got home, but since I knew I'd have to make it, I had no patience for it.
So, mostly nothing and French Toast, and my knee pain.
I had a Physical Therapist tell me awhile ago that I didn't have a lot of cartilage in that made me wonder if it's gone. I will get this figured out though. For now, I'm relaxing. I'm watching football, and trying to keep my eyes open long enough to go switch the laundry over.

At some today, I need to get food ready for the week. The new adventure of switching salons starts this week. I'm excited and nervous. Trying to instill in myself that I am worth this chance. I am working on having more confidence.

Alright everyone, I'm off to switch laundry and do my domestic partner duties, lol