Infertility Update

 I'm not sure if I am going to make this a weekly posting yet or not. I've even contemplated starting an infertility blog, but I never know what to say. The hubs is a very private person while I tend to over share. LOL, we make an interesting mix.  I never know how much to share, and what not to share, and well really, it's our story. Ours alone. It took me a long time to even come to terms with our own answers. Where we, I, was being led by God.

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Part of the reason I started running was when we started trying to have kids, I was over weight. I figured, the doctors would tell me the reason why it's taken longer than 6+ months was because of my weight (Oh how naive I was.) Once I started running it quickly became something I looked forward too. It became an outlet for all of the emotions I was experiencing during those first few years of trying. Yes. Years.

I remember when we first started telling our loved ones that this might not happen for us, I remember it felt like handing someone a grenade. You never know what someone will say, what will happen, how they will react. It was the weirdest feeling. Imagine telling your most beloved friends and family this devastating news, then imagine telling them, it might not happen due to money. It was even harder to explain how money also played a factor into it. Why we go long periods without pursuing anything. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, this is not a unique story. Many people suffer from the devastation of the emotional fatigue and financial drain this has on couples fighting to add to their family. 

Believe me though when I say we are not doing 'nothing'. We are waiting on God to heal us or bring us an answer. We are working hard and praying harder. We are enjoying life with our loved ones and our doggie girl. (#dogmom lol)

In an earlier post last month, I explained that I had started volunteering for a foundation called The Hope for Fertility Foundation.

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It is an amazing organization that will help couples who struggle with the financial part of fertility treatments and/or adoption! It really does bring hope to people who have maybe lost sight of hope. They are taking applications for grants as well as taking donations.
They have an amazing fundraiser going on right now where even $1 can go a long way.

"This is the season of giving, so help us give the gift of joy through a fertility grant. Many people ask, how can I help? If 500 people just donated $5, we could give an additional grant of $2,500 to help people with their fertility treatments. $5 can go a long way."
Please consider donating this Holiday season or even pray about it, consider making a monthly or yearly donation if this has at all touched your heart. With 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility odds are, you know someone who would be very grateful for this grant. Prayers are always welcome that we could help many couples. We also would love it if you would share our message, if you yourself are struggling and maybe need assistance, please share the foundation page, share their story. Help others hear about this amazing opportunity.  

Thank you so much for stopping by today to read about my journey but also about ways to help.I will post again about the Hope for Fertility Foundation.
I know I have pinned this bible verse before, but .. I love it so much, I thought I would pin it again. Micah 7:7 (MSG) - But me, I’m not giving up. I’m sticking around to see what God will do. I’m waiting for God to make things right. I’m counting on God to listen to me.:
Blessings Everyone,