Life Lessons While Running.

It's been a long time friends. I've wanted to get back on here for what seems like ages. I miss you. I miss blogging out my emotions and habits and helping to inspire. I miss it. I think I have time to get back to it though.

A few things have changed over my way. We have restructured my 'job' that makes more sense to my position. With this change it also allows me to have time to train. To take care of my house. To relax. However it's scary because I'm somewhat back to a commission based job, right now I am asking for prayers for courage to be a go-getter and to be financially successful in this role.

I would like to pray for you as well for whatever you might need prayers for, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section if you would like, but you might also be able to email...I might have to figure that out, lol, if you can do that.

In the last few weeks alone I have learned so many life lessons that I want to share with you. It might get a bit spiritual and biblical but stick with it because I promise it will apply to all of us.

LESSON #1 Don't Let Others Dictate How I Act and Feel

<br /></div> These 33 One-Sentence Quotes Will Blow Your Mind Every Time. Especially The 8th One.: I had this thought recently, while out on a training run, what if I just put my music on random and just run and NEVER skip a song. Ever.
I do this all the time, I think 'I'm not in the mood for this song. UGH! Really not in the mood for this one. Skip, skip, skip...WHEN did I listen to this music? Delete!'

What if I put my music on random and just run? Then I would be forced to keep my pace, my attitude, my detestation and time without skipping the song, no matter what it was. Whether it was Christmas music, slow, sad, angry, gangster rap, then try and keep running no matter if I'm motivated or not.  To keep my attitude without reacting to how I feel about the song in the moment.

I've also had a little too much sugar lately, which not only is it not healthy, it makes me grumpy. When I'm stressed, I eat junk, when I eat junk I basically feel like junk then act like junk, then that stresses me see the cycle I'm going with here. Basically I remembered this quote from a certain pirate that got stuck in my brain.

It's also a good life lesson. No matter what is being thrown at me, I have to stay the course. I have to run my own race and keep my endurance despite what's buzzing around me.

Staying the course, is continue with training. Stop eating junk! Continue to take care of myself, wholly. Spiritually, physically, emotionally.

I really need to cut the junk food, because that would also help me act instead of REACT to my stressors that are going on around me.

Lesson #2 This Pain Will Be Useful, What May Seem Chaotic May Actually be A Plan Coming together
 With this new change in my schedule it allowed me to get out for a training run yesterday. On this run I ran by a church that caught my attention. I took note of the website, then when I got home I made sure to look it up.

John 13:7 -- blog post: why I struggle with trust: The thing is I have been church shopping for the better part of a year. Nothing seems to fit. They aren't bad. In fact some of them are great, but they don't feel like home when I walk in. There was one that left like home, but eventually after awhile the members didn't actually seem that welcoming. So here I am a year later, still searching for a church home. While running by this older white wooden church yesterday I remembered someone pointing in me the direction of this church at the same time I left the other church.

I also recently met a chiropractor who might be able to help my husband and I with some of our health issues, thanks to this new job.

The thought occurred to me over a warm cup of tea that morning, what if the new job wasn't meant to be  THE answer but rather the path to the answers to the questions I've been asking.

Much like John 13:7, God was telling us and giving us hints about what he was going to do for us. We didn't understand or see what it was he was talking about. Things seemed great, he was here, then all of sudden he was taken from us. He was taken for a reason though, to save us. While everything seems crazy & chaotic, but while it seems like things were falling apart, they were actually falling into place. We just have to trust, hold on, and realize that someday this pain will be useful to us.

Image result for this pain will be useful to you walking dead

Lesson # 3 LET IT GO 
Comparison is the thief of joy. - Theodore Roosevelt. Pretty much sums up Stumbling on Happiness by Dan Gilbert:  I know. It seems so simple. It seems so difficult. But really, what other choice do we have? To be angry all the time? Continuing to be angry and frustrated keeps me unfocused. It causes stress. It causes me to continue to eat junk food. I'm just working on letting it roll off my back. As well as accepting myself.
I'm goofy and crazy and sometimes I knock things over. I am basically a bull in a china shop. But you know what? THAT'S OKAY! The more I love myself the more I can let go of comparison.

The more joy I feel the less likely I am to hold on to things. The more I can keep my focus where it needs to be, I can accept myself. LOVE myself.
Just LET it Go. As much as possible. The nasty looks from others, the attitude of others. The actions of others. I am in charge of me and my world.

This next one isn't really a life lesson, but it is a song I absolutely CAN NOT stop listening too so I want to share it. It's on all of my running play lists right now. It's encouraging, upbeat, and really inspiring. Reminding me to have faith, God is with me. To not be afraid.

You HAVE to listen to it. It's absolutely worth it. I will be back tomorrow, because I'll have time to spend with you. Tomorrow I will be posting a weekly meal plan, because that's LONG over do!