Suffering Leads to Success

This has been on my mind lately. Suffering. This world is meant to bring us pain and suffering. Joyce Meyer talks about this in her podcasts that I posted about yesterday. The word suffering is mentioned in the bible almost 100 times (depending on which version you read of course.) For most of the these cases she said, the one who suffered got double the blessings after they endured the suffering.

Marathon's are meant to change you the same way water changes the shape of a rock not by it's power but by it's persistence.

No matter how many cookies I eat, no matter how long it's taking my knee to get better, I am becoming more powerful with every mile, with every step. The reason being is because I. KEEP. GOING. I don't give up after I eat the cookie. I don't give up when my knee buckles. (I do the appropriate preventive stuff to keep it from doing that again.) But if I had given up in the first two miles after it buckled and not taped it? If I had let the bronchitis take me out of the game from the half? Where would I be today?
I suffer when I don't eat like I should. It brings my mood down, makes me feel heavy when I eat too much, which in turn makes for a slower run. I suffer when I don't sleep in, I suffer when I get started late on a training run. I suffer.

All I can think about right now is how it's going to feel when I cross that finish line. The power in my legs, the breath in my lungs, the feeling of overwhelming success. When I finish a race strong. The miles, the time, the sacrifices I made to make the miles work.

I don't know about you, but I didn't see the Grand Canyon before it was shaped by the water that carved it away. Rarely do people every see what goes into the after picture. Rarely do people see what the hard work, sweat, tears, produce. Most people see the after affect of all these things. Most people wouldn't know the hard work of what it's taking to complete this marathon if I would shut up about it. LOL, bragging rights.

There's this beautiful poem called the Dash. It's about what the dash on a tombstone represents. I had a similar thought about before and after pictures. That thin line that separates the before from the after. What does the thin line represent? How long it did take that thin line to become the after photo? How many cookies on Christmas did you skip? How many times did you put in the extra mile when you wanted to quit? How long did you sacrifice what you wanted right that second for what you wanted later? How hard was it to not give into instant gratification and eat the cupcake?
How many times did you gain before you lost big? How many setbacks? How many failures, before you became the after picture?

No matter what your working towards. Whether it's better health, setting a lifting goal, financial independence. There will be suffering in that thin line. How many singers made it big when they started? Do you ever think about what singer/songwriters go through just to get 1 hit single? Then to continue that success how hard they have to work?


Keep Pushing Forward. What's that saying? If you're going through hell just keep going? I can't wait to share with you the end results of this race, to tell you how it changed me. Rejoicing in the sacrifices I'm making to see the end results. Hope for a good race. Hope for a better diet day tomorrow. Hope for a better tomorrow.
Praying that each of us, even though we can't see the end results just yet, that we rejoice because someday there will be hope.

Many Blessings Friends,


Great post! I definitely need to think of that more. ❤
Amanda Goe said…
I re-read this post just now. Boy do I need to re-read my own advice more. Glad you commented on it so I could come back to it again.