Sunday Runday, My First 15 miler

I have developed Patellar Femoral Syndrome. It's pain on the outside or lateral side of the knee. The only way I can describe the pain is that it feels as if someone is taking a blow torch to my knee. It is burning, sharp, and blindingly painful.

I knew it as soon as it happened too. I overstepped the finish line on the half marathon last month. I could feel my entire left calf basically cinch up. The pain eventually shifted to my knee, or rather, it started in my knee but I felt it in my calf first. For a month I lowered my miles and kept to a slower pace on the trail.
However with that marathon race date looming I knew I wanted to be crossing that finish line in good health. No way was I giving up this dream.

I've put too much effort into it to give up now.

I called the doctor, not really knowing where to start.

Two Sundays ago during Iron Woman and I's 12-miler, my knee buckled. The PT explained it as that my knee cap was basically sitting on a puddle due to the inflammation in it, that's why it slipped and then my knee buckled.

I've got a couple appointments of PT to help with my knee. Some strengthening exercises such as bridges, one leg raises, plus some stretching as well.

Today we went on our first 15 miler. I didn't quite get the tape just right so we had to turn around, after mile 2 Iron woman helped me retape it. Holy buckets it's getting so cold outside. We about froze just trying to get the tape back on my knee, but man did the right taping techniques work! I had almost zero pain on my run today! We were slow and mostly steady but  we got it done.

HOLY COW! 15 miles! That's something to be proud of! Doesn't matter how fast we went, it only matters that we accomplished something we weren't sure we could do. It's important to listen to your body. Whether it's a short run or long one, listen to your body. We're training for life, not sure a race time. Use the time as a motivator but don't get so focused on it you lose sight of the experience.
 A marathon is hundreds miles. The finish is the last 26.2 by vladtodd

We tried a new trail and boy was it beautiful. We even got a little treat along the way. 

Look at it. That's so cute. Complete with wooden box painted presents. It was a nice pick me as both of us were already feeling tired right after mile 5. The first half of the run was uphill. The second half of course was downhill and slightly easier to conquer. It was still the coolest thing I've seen on a run in a while. Plus, bluejays, in December!! The trail had quite a few of them, they were so beautiful. 

I'll be back tomorrow with Monday eye lids are already starting to get heavy. Boy oh boy.