7 Months of Training

Eyeball deep in training. It's officially tapering week(s). It's the strangest thing, Iron Woman and I have not had a single good run. All of our runs have been plagued with ankle, knee, colds, infections, you name it, it's been awful. We've been slow and running through rain, freezing weather, just one thing after another.

It's almost been the Murphy's Law of training issues. One thing for sure though is we've stuck to it.

7 months ago today, I signed up for this marathon. While I had been training for a marathon back in June, I went right into marathon training. That's nuts! That's early Sunday mornings, missed time with the man. Missed time with friends. Sorry I can't, I have to run.

It's also been an amazing journey of overcoming obstacles and learning what my body is really made of.





October (Halfway point 13.1)


Longest run to date 20 miles! 

Now we taper. In less than two weeks we will run our very first full marathon. While Murphy's Law has plagued us, we are feeling confident about reaching our goal. Here's to us and 2017. Kicking goals and knocking them down.

Let's do this!
Here's to a happy new year of setting goals and knocking them down!


I can't believe you've been training for 7 months!
Amanda Goe said…
Yeah, not sure I'll do that again, lol
What's been your longest training plan?