Here's to the Risers

Do ever feel like you are just failing? Especially at your diet. You're trying really hard to be good but then someone brings doughnuts to work? Or you decided one drink out with friends can't be bad so then it leads to 3 drinks AND fries?

You're not alone. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to cut out dairy and soy completely. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to give up sugar. It's a fact of life though. We fall, we get up. We fall, we get up. We will rise again. Just because you fail, doesn't make you a failure. I thought today on this Wordy Wednesday that I might leave you with some quotes to help you think about how success is built.

Every time we fail, every time we fall, we have a chance to rise again. Here are to the risers. Who keep getting back up.

(Riser ~ Dierks Bentley)

(Rise ~ Katy Perry)

I really fell in love with the Phoenix quotes. Especially since this marathon in Phoenix almost beat me. Tomorrow I will rise again and workout. I will lift weights and I will run again. I will run another marathon. One where I won't lose the contents of my stomach and beat my time. But I will run.

Alright off to bed,