WOAH! I ran 26.2 miles on Sunday. I've been taking time to let it sink in. What an exciting yet excruciating journey.

 Free bird, Iron Woman, and I posing before and after our 5k. We took a picture with Barefoot Elvis & Arizona Tea. We shook out our legs with a 5k on Saturday. Originally we thought that might be a bad idea, but after experiencing shin splints that day, I'm glad I took measures to prevent it for the big race day.

Arizona was beautiful, the weather was perfect.

We raced towards camel back mountain, it was inspiring to see if come closer into view. With each step the mountain became more majestic. Pretty neat to see the houses built into the mountain.

The actual marathon was...there are no words. The first half of the marathon went great. We were keeping time. Then everything fell apart. Around mile 14 I started getting dizzy. I figured I didn't have enough salt, so I said 'I want to lick a salt block', another runner graciously said 'I have some electrolyte salt'.
I've never had straight electrolyte salt before, nor had I heard of it, but I went ahead a took almost a tablespoon of it. It didn't sit well in my stomach. I didn't get much past mile 15 before it all came back up.

We were keeping great time, until the letting of the devil, aka the incident at mile 15. I threw up on the side of the road. I felt SO MUCH better after that, but then around mile 17, my stomach got a little topsy turvey again. I had to switch to a 30 second run 30 second walk in order to keep my stomach in check.

All 3 of us hit a wall around mile, 20 or so. Free bird had to preform minor surgery on her pinky toe around mile 17.

 30 for 30


 Marathoner Jackets!

It was a worthwhile experience, one that, no matter how hard, I will repeat again at some point.
Unfortunately, I've succumb to a yucky head cold. I can run a marathon but I can't beat a head cold. I'm headed off to take another nap, before the hubs comes home.
Thank you for following me on this journey. I'll be back this weekend!



Amy Caroline said…
So amazingly proud of you and just so inspired by your strength and heart! Feel better!!
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you aunt A. And lololol yes #rockandrollvomit