Marathon Packing

I woke up today with race day nerves. Tomorrow we leave for Phoenix and I was on high alert mentally wise as soon as I woke up. I was gearing to go. I had my last appointment at PT then headed to the gym to do an easy 30min run with 6-30second splits. I honestly had no idea what splits were so I had to google it. Dr and Sports Professional Google sent me some helpful information.

Runners Connect had a great definition, while I'm not sure I did my splits completely right, I did 6-30 second REALLY fast runs. Meaning I put the treadmill on 7.0 mph and gave it all I got for 30 solid seconds, 6 times.

I crashed mid-day. Hard. I came down from my race day nerves and I could all but keep my eyes open the rest of the day.

It's late, I'm home and ready to be in full packing mode. I've been slowly throwing things in a pile in our spare room, but now it's time to organize.

The Man and I are seasoned packers. We used to take trips to the coast every year, plus visiting the farm a few times a year, I've got this down. Traveling for a race, let alone a marathon! That's a whole other kit and kaboodal. Breath Deeply and Smile has a great starters packing list...I probably packed more than I needed too but better safe than sorry.

I'm so nervous I almost can't eat. I said almost. I did take a melatonin, need to even out my nerves. And sleep.

I wish you many blessings this weekend. I hope you go or your dreams. If it doesn't scare you a little bit, you're not doing it right.

Okay, I gotta keep packing.  Then I am going to sleeeeppppp.
Good night friends.