Goals, Goals, Goals

I did pretty good today. I had a few cookies, but didn't over do it. Had 5 meals. All with healthy carbs and protein. I feel good.  I didn't reach for the cookies when I got home...thought about it, but didn't.

For now, I want to tell you my goals.

First things first. I've gone back to lifting, wawho! Here's the current plan I am attempting. I am basically just doing the exercises when I can not on a completely dedicated 4 days a week like this one calls for. It is called The Bizzy Diet 21-Day Fitness Plan.   The workouts just seem straight forward, wasn't going to take me hours at the gym and I can modify them to fit my schedule. It comes complete with a Free 6 page E-book! The E-book includes a shopping list, meal plan, it does suggest supplements (but for now I won't use that.) Then it takes you through a brief description of the exercises. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Not looking to drop weight, as I don't necessarily need to, just need to stop eating crap, get back to the gym, and most importantly FEEL BETTER!

Iron Woman and I are also setting our sights on a half marathon the weekend before the Murph. Gotta love goals! One right after the other! For now, keeping them short distance goals and will build from there.

While I didn't exactly get a workout in on this exercise Tuesday, I did get quite a bit of cleaning done around the house. That also feels good.

I'll get into this later, but I really believe in a 3 pronged approach to health and fitness. To live a healthy life you need to have a good balance of food, fitness, and faith. (If you're not spiritual or religious, I would say mental and emotional health fall under the faith category. You have to some form of faith, whether it's in your goals, yourself, it takes faith to believe you will get these things done.) That is why I blog about my struggles. Whether it's stress, depression/anxiety, heading back to church, and getting my butt back to the gym, to me, all these things equal a healthy life.

Alright, I gotta finish up dinner (slow roasted pork, with spring vegetables ((a girl can dream of nicer weather)) and sweet potato chips.)
Blessings Friends,