Monday Motivation 20

 Here are some snapshots, quotes, and moments that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded to be healthy. (A new recurring post, check the magic behind the post here.

Feeling pretty good with a start to this week. Got a solid mile in yesterday then walked half a mile. No pain in my knee! However, I had to push it with my cardio, my breathing was more labored then I liked, but I was really hoofing it.

Iron Woman and I are going to sign up for a half in May. How crazy is that? Less than a month out from our Marathon and we've decided to go ahead and start training for another half. I'm making better decisions food wise.

My salad was delicious! Hard boiled eggs with baby tomatoes and sliced carrots. I used Tessemae's Lemon Garlic dressing. It's VERY delicious but high in fat. It is Whole 30 approved if that's something that interests you. If you head over to their website you can buy packs of different condiments. It's worth it if you use a lot of dressing and want the cleanest ingredients.
For breakfast I had egg whites with spinach, an apple, and Paleo Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate chips. (Don't judge me! I had to have a little!)
I had a protein shake and a protein bar for my snacks today. I've been really enjoying the Go Macro Bars, they are high in carbs but clean ingredients, and absolutely delicious for a 'protein' bar. They have other options besides their high protein ones. Every one of them I have tried has been good so far!

This quote has carried me through the last few weeks as well.

I've been very hard on myself lately. Feeling as if I haven't exactly pursuing the right dreams. It takes a reminder, as simple as this, to let us know that, we should enjoy every step of our journey. No matter our age. No matter our weight.

Alright, I really gotta finish up dinner. (Paleo Loaded Sweet Potato Skins!)