What does success mean to you?

 Okay, I'm mostly talking about success with your health? What constitutes a great week? Making meals ahead of time? Working out every day? Having the perfect week? Losing weight? Maintaining weight?

I was thinking about that while shoveling salmon in my mouth. I can't type, I've been bad. I had cookies again today! AH! FAIL! I didn't eat like I was supposed to. I can't blame it on anyone but myself.

So, how do I fix this? Well, thinking ahead helps. Breakfast is planned out. I don't know what it is about peanut butter, toast, and sliced apples that makes me want to pop out of bed in the morning. It's so savory. Sweet/Salty. It's a perfect mix of crunch with fresh tasting apples...I could go on. While I have been attempting to go back to a more paleo diet, I needed breakfast food fast! Udi's Gluten Free Bread to the rescue.

I did it again, I detoured on topic.

Basically making sure I have my meals planned out for the next week. Then acting on those plans. Such as tonight, I pulled out salmon for tomorrow for lunch. I'll cook it in the morning. (It take 15mins in the broiler) then I am going to chop it up, add a little bit of mayo, cherry tomatoes, green onions, seasonings...This is what gets my blood pumping, appetizing food.
Getting excited about what choices I am making, really helps. A delectable breakfast, protein shake, salmon salad, pumpkin seeds and sliced cucumbers for a snack, then dinner!

I'm trying to work up to exercising again. That's another part of the equation. I haven't had a good balance lately. You can not out exercise a bad diet. That's one part. The other? Making sure you're working to shape what it is you want. Eating health helps you lose weight or maintain. Getting out and exercising, that's what burns fat and turns your squish into a tush.

This is what success looks like.
Have the courage to  persist.
The brains to know what's good food and what's treat food.
The heart to get your booty to the gym. To go for that run. To turn our body into the temple that it is.

Alright, I gotta go feed the other hungry person who lives here.