International Womans' Day and blog update

To say it's been awhile is putting it lightly. So much has happened in the last month.  Most I can't wait to tell you about,  some I will vent about,  but mostly,  I've been figuring out what I need.

I thank you for being awesome readers and staying with me during this unplanned process. I will have updates on life, and a new blogging schedule the week of April 1st.

Before I go though,  I want to recognize that it is International Woman's Day. My mother raised me to be strong and stand up for myself.  She always encourages me find the best way to be happy.  My parents never let me forget I can do anything I set my mind too. Including having differing opinions on politics. I want to celebrate all the people who helped shape into the free person that I am today.

My husband, also helps me remember that I have a drive and tenacity to speak my mind.  He has never held me back from my dreams. He's always helped me with realistic expectations, lol, but he is also a constant support and great battle buddy.

To every woman, every where.  I support you. I pray for you. Blessings to us all today.

Blessings every one!