Happy Healthy

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I'm detouring again from my Wednesday Crush List, instead I want to post about few things I learned recently.

I've been thinking lately about mental health and how happiness plays a major role in the decisions we make...well that I make...or don't make. I find that when I am happier it's easy to justify sacrificing my want for chocolate with my need for more vegetables. When it's the opposite however...well...it's the opposite!

I've recently started making my way out of a difficult season in my life, where I'm starting to see things a little more clearer. The trials I was facing complied over a few month and as the season dragged on, it just got harder to want to make good, healthy decisions. Things like exercising, eating well rounded, low glycemic meals didn't even register when I knew chocolate or a glass of wine would fix my mood so much quicker. I continually was sick, ended up with a double ear infection, called into work, etc. The cycle continued and it deepened.

I can't say right now what my biggest contributing factor to my own happiness was, but what I can tell you is that my attitude about the problem was also part of the problem. Remember Jack Sparrow?

That was me. What I don't think I actually realized was no matter how someone else treats me, they still deserve my best. Not retaliation, not a mean spirited attitude, or whatever else might fall into this category. However, that's not to say that I should allow myself to be walked on either. (This is in general, I'm not calling anyone out or speaking of one specific incident.This is just me making a statement about my life.) It continues the negative loop if you, or I, react negatively.
Again, generalizing, because that's not to say that I'm not going to have a bad day here and there and forget, but ultimately...I have to give the best of myself, because I have to live with myself for the rest of my life. It's that awesome Jamaican saying "Small situation, no problem"

I started making choices that reflected what I needed instead of what I wasn't getting and I've felt an up shift in the way I feel.

What I'm saying is. It's easy to make decisions about your health when you're happy. Not so true when life just sucks.

In order for me to continue to make healthy decisions I need to chase happiness, or rather the things that will make me happy. Exercise--leads to boosting of endorphins as well as the boosting and releasing of serotonin. Focusing on a job that would support my family while allowing me the chance to be me. Letting go of things. Reading more. I love to read. Simple things that can bring me joy, as well as big things that can help bring me joy, such as stable income which turns into paying for race fees ;) you know...that ol' chestnut.

Alright, I've downed some go-go juice, now it's time to squeeze in a workout and give the dog a bath. Here's to chasing joy.