New Posting Schedule

I'm going to be a busy beaver this spring and early summer. With transitioning out of a massage therapy role and learning more about the world of finance, run group will also be starting up again soon! We had our first meeting tonight. It's the first Wednesday night run I've ever done with this training group. It's at the same location though as our regular summer run group. Boy, was I juiced all day long. Everyone kept asking why I was so positive and happy, because I get to RUN TONIGHT!!! The run, albeit short, left me with a little runner's high. Poor Iron woman, she could NOT get me to shut up. LOL


The biggest reason I am posting to tonight is because I want to switch up my posts a little bit. Here's what I am thinking so far...

Monday - Motivation Monday, pictures, quotes, stories of things that motivated to make good choices and remember to put my health first.

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Women Crush Wednesday! I am blessed to be surrounded by so many motivating and encouraging women.  I want to highlight these women. Not just my friends, but I also want to look at bloggers, athletes, activists, actors, etc.

Thursday -

Friday - Fertility Friday. I haven't talked a ton about our battle with the infertility beast in any great detail. A few posts here and there, but I would start to like dedicating a day to this. Not just about our journey, but stories of others, whatever I am be currently struggling with. Talking more about Poly-cystic ovaries. I'll share inspirational stories, funny pictures, anything within the realm of that.

Saturday -

Sunday - SUNDAY RUNDAY!!! My favorite day of the week! Well...any day I get to run will be my favorite day of the week. Updates on running schedules, pictures from my latest run, anything noteworthy or happening in the news in the world of running will be highlighted on this day!

Right now, I will be backing off of posting on Tues/Thurs/Saturdays as those are my long days. Hopefully later in the summer I'll be able to fill more of those in.
I will do my best to get a post in on one of those days about my shoestring budget healthy eating habits. Until I get more of a routine established, It'll be a surprise to when it gets posted for all of us...even me.

Alright, I am off to sleep the sleep and conquer a day!