Rise and Grind

It's been raining since Friday morning and bone cold since Thursday. Without a gym to call home, I wussed out and didn't work out today. Not even at home with a DVD. I got the house clean and got a little meal prepping done, which was good, but the constant drizzle just has everyone in a funk.

I'm going to have to start running soon though, I have a 10k in just a month. That's 6 miles. I'm barely hovering around 2 right now. I'm going to try and be crazy Tuesday morning and get up at 5am to go work out with my mom....that will be the earliest I've ever woken up to go exercise.

How do you people do it?

Step 1. I'm going to be early!
Step 2. Have everything set out tonight before I go to bed.
Step 3. Cry myself to sleep because I have to get up so early.
Step 3. Set 3 alarms. 
Step 4. Cry when I get up because it's so early.
Step 4. Rise and Grind.

I found a good list on Greatist with 24 workout tips that are actually helpful.

I'll add one thing to important list, don't do anything stressful before bed. Watch a short comedy, read a light-hearted book. Read a devotional. Don't stress yourself out before bed. You want to be able to relax your mind and drift to sleep, as well as get GOOD QUALITY sleep the night before. Nothing makes me want to skip a workout more than a bad's night worth of sleep.

I've done it before. I've gone out after 3 hours or 4 hours of restless sleep but I'm getting to old for that. Plus I know what the consequences are of working out on little sleep. While it might wake you up a little initially, you will also crash SO HARD later in the day. My body just can't keep up. Journal, listen to classical music, whatever you can do shut down your active mind.

I like to list off things I am thankful for. It's a good habit I've gotten into. Easier to fall asleep and keeps me in the present. 

Alright...I'm getting sleepy. Time to rest these eyelids.
Blessings and goodnight