Woman Crush Wednesday #1

The first official woman crush Wednesday post. I just want to honor a lot of the women in my life for everything they do for me and how they inspire others. Everyone from activists to family and friends will be talked about. I will also post current crush Wednesday and review new products I've tried or anything else that I'm currently in love with that keeps me motivated towards my goals.

I wanted to start this week with my sister. I've talked about her before on my blog.

I can't tell you why she's my current crush, mostly because she's my sister, so I'm a little biased. What I can tell you is that she inspires me to be a better person. Inside and out. She is kind and loving. She also has this quiet peace about her. Even when she is stressed it's a subtle hint of what is on her plate more than entire fanfare of what the situation is.

My sister encourages me to always find joy, stress less, and no matter how blonde I can be, that I do have a brain.

This girl is currently working towards her bachelors degree, while working full time and planning a wedding. AND...she's not complaining about any of it.

I had to coax her to let me help with Save the Date reminders.

My first was the first person to tell me that every woman is beautiful. Inside and out. She is the living persona of this.

Continue to look for the beauty. That's only one of the small things my sister has done for me.

She has sacrificed for me. Taking days off from work to help me have a garage sale. Picking me up at mile 12 in the pouring rain. Listened to me cry. Most importantly though, she's loved me unconditionally. She can interpret the goofy way I talk. (I write better than I talk, lol), she's always up for a good adventure.

She is my sister. My best friend. And Woman Crush Wednesday #1.