Detox by Force

First, a story.

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember that if I ate too much rice, the bottom of my lungs would burn. My mom took me to the doctor and they prescribed me an antacid. I'm fairly certain I was 11 or 12. Flash forward to 30, and I had been eating heavy paleo, but mostly clean for a good 3 years now. Cutting back on all things that are inflammation causing.
However, during the marathon training I had started to pick up a few bad habits. Eating a little of this, a little of that. Nothing major, but then, after the marathon, I took a giant nose dive down into the deep end of the junk food pool.

Thursday I woke up with a crampy stomach and that all to, yet distant, memory of the burning sensation at the bottom of my rib cage. I thought it was heart burn because the antacids made it feel better. The only thing I consumed on Thursday was pepto bismal tablets.  Friday, it was full blown, hard to breath, burning from the bottom of my lungs pain. Nothing helped. I could hardly eat because EVERYTHING upset my stomach.

I happened to be with my mom that night, the nurse, and telling her about the last two days. She told me that when I was a kid I had gastritis. That's why I was prescribed the antacid. Huh. So that's what that is.

I haven't had this burning feeling in years! Especially once I cut out gluten. However lately, I started eating a little dairy here and there, and I was a non-stop sugar hound as well.

My whole life I've had tummy trouble. I joked with a co-worker on Thursday that I had the digestive system of a delicate flower. Well...ain't that the truth.

I wasn't prepared for a detox. There's so much food in the house, but it's mostly spicey food, or treats. Not completely healthy snacks or even ready to eat food. Plus tons of peanut butter.

Basically, right now, my body is forcing me into a detox. It sucks to be hungry and having everything you eat make you sick. It's quite a bit better today, but all I've had over the last few days is plain chicken. chicken broth, apples, grapes, eggs, and plain sweet potato chips. That's it. I guess I did buy some gluten free crackers and pretzels, thinking salt and carbs would soak up whatever was wrong, but it just made the burning worse.

Tonight I am going to try Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl, with shrimp. I'll keep you posted if this flares up the gastritis or if I can start eating outside of the bland diet I've been following.

With my next grocery trip this coming Friday, I really am going to have tackle getting back into a ridiculously clean eating diet. Wish me luck. Oh, and I guess I need to find a good probiotic as well...any suggestions?

I'm also going to try this tonight, can't say I'm looking forward it.  Apple cider vinegar isn't exactly on top of my food wish list.

What am I going to do during the zombie apocalypse, huh? I need guts like a bulldog. Eat anything and everything...nope. I suppose I'll have to start learning which berries are nightlock and which berries aren't.