Fertility Friday: Post 1

Is this my first official fertility Friday post?

Wow...sorry about that. Thought I would have more to talk about.

Here I thought I would come charging in and just have all the best things to say and arm you with information and encourage you. Turns out I still need encouragement too. I still need hope too. It's a funny thing when hope hurts, isn't it? It hurts to hope that this might work out. That this could, some day, come true?

I once had someone tell me, that they would hold hope for me. What a nice sentiment. If I know my family like I think I do, I know they hold hope for us too. For right now though? 6 years later? We rarely talk about expanding our family and when we do it's all in maybe's. Maybe we'll be get a second a opinion, maybe we'll think about this or maybe we'll think about that. No definitive plans to really do anything.

Honestly, it's okay. We don't have all the answers and we don't have too. We can be content with where were at right now. That's not to say that our hearts don't still long for those days where we bring a baby home from the hospital or set up a crib and wait to hear if we've been chosen, or if our embryo's have made it to day 3.
Right now we can enjoy the nieces and nephews. We can make sure our old girl is well taken care of. We can go on adventures and take time for ourselves.

Some day we'll gear up for the emotional battle that will come with expanding our family. For now, there is no update. For now, I weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.


Where are you in your journey?
Blessings Everyone, Happy Friday!


Liz Alderson said…
I love the thought of holding hope for someone else, how sweet! After my ex left I lost hope that God would bring me a husband. I'm still waiting, but a little more hopeful. I will hope for you. �� love!
Amanda Goe said…
I will hold hope for you Liz. Love!!