Monday Motivation #23

 Here are some snapshots, quotes, and moments that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded me to be healthy. 
I haven't exactly been the picture of perfect health lately. Call it being a girl. Call it lack of motivation. Lack of dedication. It is what it is. I got in two solid workouts last week and that was it. Far cry from where I used to be. Last night I gave into a craving I didn't even end up wanting when I dished it out. (Peanut butter and chocolate chips.)
I'm having an issue with knowing that I SHOULD eat instead of what I WANT to eat. 
Isn't that half the battle though?
I LOVE working out. I love training. I love seeing what my body can do in a race or a fitness challenge event. Plus I'm just that competitive. 
I wonder if I start being more competitive with myself though? Challenging myself to make smarter decisions. 
Also, I've given up on the scale. I've gone back to keep a loose on eye it. I feel really strong. I've been able to drop a band from my assisted pull ups. I have also done a really good job of having a vegetable at every meal, even breakfast!

Which reminds me, I found this delicious paleo bread called Morning Glory over at Wholesome Delicious. It's not hard to make. Dense, moist, and full of flavor. Plus it makes the house smell really good as well. It was pretty cold over the weekend, so last night after 3 days of rain and cold. I sat down to some pot roast and this bread. You wouldn't have thought I needed more to eat, but I just couldn't stay away from that temptation of chocolate and peanut butter.

HA...looking at this photo reminds me...I need to fill out the papers in the green file for work...well better go!
Here's too a week of making better choices.

Alright, one more thing for work, and then...bed.
Night y'all.