Fertility Friday: Podcast Edition

I've been obsessed with Podcasts since I started the new job. I spend quite a bit of time on the computer with data input and more often than not, it's easy to bore myself. I started listening to podcasts, because well...there's only so much you can take of music thumping in your ear all day. I listen to EVERYTHING.

Serial seasons 1 and 2
Limetown season 1 (Will they ever come out with a season 2?)
We're Alive up through chapter 30 right now I believe
I pick all the episodes I'm interested in from The Nerdist, Run to the Top, PCOS DIVA, Better
POD Save America - my liberal side coming out, StarTalk, Rob Wolf - Paleo Solution Podcast
Better Everyday with Sarah and Dr Brooke, Pastor John MacArthur Sermon Audio + Q&A w/ John MacArthurt, This American Life. I've also recently gotten started on S-Town.

One that I have discovered which as a TON of good information and general topic discussion specifically for fertility is The Fertility Podcast.

The most recent one I listened to was Is Laughter Allowed When Dealing with Infertility? Natalie is the master creator behind the podcast and website. Filled with expert interviews, real life stories, media...plus with the podcast being hosted in the UK, it's a little less lonely on this infertility island. Knowing that there are so many out there to connect with.

The podcast was really funny, naturally being about humor. However, I will warn you, I looked up the How to Buy a Baby, a web series in Canada set to premiere this summer, has curse words. If that's not your thing, you've been warned but it looks hilarious.

If you have time to kill, if podcasts are your thing, if you just need some solace, listen to this PODCAST. I've already learned a lot just by listening to a few of them. I highly recommend it for anyone who is on this crazy journey.

Alright, sorry for the short post. I will be back next week with more motivating healthy, get your booty back out there posts!