Good Vibes

I wish I had more to post then nothing. I didn't intend for this week to be so hectic, but before I knew it-it was Thursday and I haven't posted all week.

What I can tell you is that I am doing really well with my diet. Okay...mostly good. How's that? I've started logging my food again to watch my carb count. Now that my activity level has been drastically reduced during the day, I need to adjust to a new 'perfect carb count'. Everyone is different with where their macros should be. It all depends on your body weight, height, activity level, and goals. A good tool to use is the Body Builder Calculator, just click the link to get a general idea for where yours should be.

With insulin resistance and PCOS I get the added fun of lower carbs, due to looking at a doughnut and gaining 3 pounds. 

What I can tell you about this week, is I feel really good about my choices. Making healthy swaps. Successfully avoiding soy even though I have the biggest hankering for M&M's. (I'm addicted. It's bad.) These little choices and little swamps are adding up to helping me feel better physically. I feel so bogged down and...whiny, is a nice word, for my moodiness after eating something I shouldn't. It always tastes good in the moment but never pans out well.

Also, surrounding yourself with positive motivating people is KEY to success. People will constantly bring you down while trying to achieve your goals. They'll convince you that what you want isn't worth it or they'll talk you into eating something you really didn't want. Cheat meals are there for our enjoyment and to be used appropriately. Poor planning, a wicked bad meal, negative people...that also happens in life, but if every where you look is positive? It helps.

Just this week, I REALLY did not want to wake up early to go to the gym or even workout. However. I was up, and seeing an old high school friend post her calorie burn on MyFitness Pal got my butt to the gym. My aunt making the healthy choice to go for a walk with a stroller and another one strapped to her back, that made me want to workout.

I hang out with people who make healthy choices. My sister in law who admitted to 3 days in a row of ice cream so she decided to have half a piece of birthday cake. My mom who has been having these delicious sounding protein smoothies every morning. Going to a baseball game with a friend and not being judged for eating something healthy before the ball game. Sharing recipes with iron woman. These are the things and people that have helped me get back on my game. 

Believe in your dreams and surround yourself with people who encourage only greater things in your life. A closer walk with God, better relationships, healthier decisions, letting go of negativity. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to do better and act better.

Alright, it's officially after my bed time.