Grocery Budget Challenge

I meant to grab a snap shot of my receipt from Aldis' to show you how much I spent on groceries, but unfortunately I've already thrown it out.

Basically what I did, and what you should always do, is try to base meals off of what you already have in your cabinets and fridge. With everything I have in our fridge, freezer, and cabinets I only spent $83.+ on food this last trip. Which is an all time low for me, considering I'll be using that over the next two weeks.

It's been a while since I've done a meal plan layout, so let me recap how I shop. Due to the PCOS and hypothyroid, I do my best to eat heavy paleo with a few cheats mixed in here and there. The man, well he's basically a meat and potatoes 'Murica kind of guy. (Were working on heart healthy meals for him, day at a time) I do my best to accommodate his likes, my needs, and our budget constraints. The reason I tell you this is, so next time when I let you know I spent $2 on's because it's you know that's for him and not me.
The Loot & The List

The m&m's? Those were for me...I'm ashamed to say I did eat them...but you know? I did enjoy them! And I enjoyed them to the glory of the Lord! (I'll explain that on another post about cheat meals.)

Here's the game plan.

Breakfast for me ~ N'Oatmeal Breakfast bowl w/ sausage. Sweet Potato cookies w/ sausage or eggs.
Breakfast for him ~ cereal, poptarts, omelette's if I can swing the time

Lunch for us ~ Whole 30 Carnitas w/ diced peppers, pork meatballs, pizza tater skins, burgers
For me ~ Paleo Pizza w/ Almond Flour Crust, 30 whole chicken salad (canned chicken, red grapes, chopped red onion, celery, and nut butter all mixed together--it's actually really delicious!), hard boiled eggs w/ blueberry breakfast quinoa
For him ~ Regular frozen pizza, homemade burritos and enchiladas

 (Can you tell I eat at my desk? So my pizza didn't turn out as pretty as the pin, however it was REALLY good! Great flavor. Next time, I'll go a little heavier on the sauce though. This pizza lasted me for 3 days. Still good on day 3, it was flavored so well I honestly didn't even miss the cheese.)

Dinner for us~ Flank Steak, Drumsticks, Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas with sweet potato chips (not flour tortillas), Broiled salmon for me/steak for him, Breakfast for dinner~ Sweet Potato & Bacon Fritters with eggs, Sausage pizza egg muffins, Paleo fried Chicken and biscuits, plus sausage gravy and biscuits (Whole 30 for me, regular pillsbury biscuits for him and country gravy)

Snacks for me ~ Grapes with nuts, Dried fruit & nuts (need to watch the dried fruit because it can be high in sugar), peanut butter balls ~ which didn't turn out so well on Sunday when I made them, so it's really more just peanut butter with flax seed, dried fruit, and coconut flakes to dip apples in. Hard boiled eggs + grapes. Notice how I never eat a carb alone? Eating it with a fat or protein helps lower the glycemic index, which in turn results in a slower rise in blood sugar, and keeps my androgen levels low, therefore helping me control my PCOS symptoms.

All of these meals are designed to turn into left overs. So we'll be having a lot of repeats over the next two weeks. However that's my goal, to not head back to the store until the 23rd. Wish me luck!

What did you make this week? Iron woman had some great recipes she's been letting me try. She purchased the Run Fast, Eat Slow book...some pretty tasty recipes in there!
Blessings everyone,


That's gotta be hard to not have a husband that eats the same with you. It was like that with Chase for a while, then he had an "I've had it" moment where he was sick of his weight and wanted to change.
Here's my meal plan for the next 2 weeks: I love sharing! :)
Cobb Salad or Burgers (if we buy a hose for the grill)
Sausage, Lentil and Rice Skillet
Mango Chicken Salsa Tacos - using hard taco shells
Mexican Grilled Chicken Wrap - low carb tortilla
Slow cooker honey buffalo chicken taquitos using low carb tortilla
Quinoa black bean burgers
Cauliflower nuggets
Then repeat
Amanda Goe said…
I NEED YOUR MANGO CHICKEN SALSA TACOS RECIPE STAT!! LOL, oooh Quinoa black bean burgers also sound really good! We def should swap recipes!