Motivation Monday

 Here are some snapshots, quotes, and moments that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded me to be healthy. 


Last week was all about determination, this week it's about stepping outside of my comfort zone. This post isn't going to be a unicorn happy post. Today's post is meant to show you what I am sacrificing or changing to reach my goals. 
This week is about embracing the suck. For starters we all know that good health starts in the kitchen, right? Gotta eat healthy to be healthy. Well it's friggin' expensive and I spend hundreds of dollars on groceries for just two people and a dog. I've been told it's bad. My goal this go around was to get the grocery budget down. 
On Friday I spent $83 and some change for two weeks worth of groceries. That's supposed to feed us 3 meals a day (roughly) plus snacks. I will go over the break down of meals tomorrow and let you know what I purchased and where. Plus share recipes. That's how I started out my week.
I'm also getting more into a routine of when I'm working out and it's feeling really good. Iron woman and I had another run happy hour tonight, and tomorrow we'll be up early for an early morning workout. Wednesday we'll run or lift, Thursday morning another morning workout, then Friday rest day. I'll keep you posted on how the weekends are shaping up as we currently are trying to devise a plan for our next event...which isn't even official yet, so I will also keep you posted on that. 
Really though. It sucks to wake up early. It sucks to go 4, 5, 6 days without eating chocolate when I really "need" it. (cough, cough) It sucks to have to be on a budget...why can't I just be rich? (First world problems). Making hard core choices for the betterment of self, sucks. It really does. 
However, trust me when I say it's worth it. No matter how long the journey, you can choose to enjoy it or choose to let it fester over you until you choose to do something about it.   

Waking up early, sucks. Deal with it by going to bed early and planning out everything the night before.

Budgeting Sucks. Deal with it by realizing that it serves a purpose. Not just a financial one, but a spiritual one. "The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully." 2 Corinthians9:6
Eating healthy might suck if you eat boring food, but you can deal with it by finding really awesome recipes out there. 
So, I'm doing my best to embrace the suck. Honestly, have to say I'm looking forward to this cooking challenge and waking up tomorrow...which...means...I gotta get to bed. 
Good night friends.