Wordy Wednesday: Determination

Word of the week. Determination. It started on Sunday night. I had signed up for a 10k ages ago, that I didn't even really know anything about. Kim Possible said "Let's do it!", and really who am I to say no to a race? Signed up on early bird registration and next thing I know less than $20 and 8 weeks later, I was standing in the wicked humidity, at 6pm, at the start line of a race I hadn't really prepared for.

I said, I can always tap out, have my first DNF. (Otherwise known in the running community as DID NOT FINISH). OR I could switch to the 5k. I had one last chance too, before the stared the race. The race announcer said "for anyone who still wishes to switch can do so at this time."  I didn't. Why didn't I? I'm still not sure. Sheer stubbornness probably. I paid for it. I was going to do. Plus I was sure I stayed properly hydrated for it. Plus, it's only 6 miles...in 86 degrees F w/ oh say 90% humidity. No. I totally got this.

At one point I became slightly frustrated with the two girls who I had been pacing. They would run every time I ran, they would walk every time I walked. Which was fine, but they got a head of me. So they were looking back to see what my pace was. I swear I'm not making it up. I feel like it's one thing if you're pacing the person ahead of you, but it felt like mockery almost with these two girls. Here they were a good two blocks in front of me and they kept glancing back to see what I was doing so they could stay ahead of me.

I had been marked. But I had a secret weapon and I was waiting for the right moment to unleash it.

I had stashed, a packet of shot blocs in my modern day fanny pack. We came upon a big hill, and the two girls had been walking for quite awhile. I was slowly gaining on them with my walk/run pace. At the hill I didn't want to lose momentum so I went barreling down it. Luckily there was FINALLY a second water station just before mile 5 where I could swig some water and take the shots blocs.
After my dine and dash at the water station I was out of there. I even came around the bend to find Kim Possible and the Goddaughter (they walked the 5k...and also apparently had time to stop and play at the park while I ran 6 miles.) walking there 2nd mile. It was cool to grab my Goddaughters hand and run with her for a bit. I even picked her up when she seemed like she was getting tired.

I was pumped though. The heat wasn't stopping me, the blistering sun that took TWO WHOLE PEOPLE to the emergency room via ambulance wasn't stopping me. I was gonna finish. (Yes, literally saw two ambulances take people away from the race course.)

I could feel it rising up in me from my toes. I was going to cross that finish line no matter what.

It reminded back in our first half marathon where, after mile 12, Iron Woman said "I don't know where you got your energy but you just took off."

Sheer determination will win, every time. I am determined to get back on track with eating a Me Centered diet. I am determined to reach all of my goals. Financially. Spiritually.
Don't get me wrong, there will be days where the heat does win, and the sun will cause just too much exhaustion, but I will not lose the will until I cross the finish line of this life.

We may lose sight of the finish line after we leave the starting gate, but that's just the first step. The first mile is always the hardest, because it's the starting point. With each step you gain strength, wisdom, and power to go the distance, you just have to keep going until you reach the finish line.

You set the finish line too for your goals. Don't forget that. Don't make them too lofty, or to easy. Pick the right distance. We can talk about picking a distance later this week.

Alright, I'm off to play house wife. You know, cooking, cleaning....dishes, laundry...blissfully normal. Isn't it fantastic? No really. It is!

P.s. Old lady B even felt the determination this last week...she was bound and determined to go for a walk. Wasn't taking no for an answer...that's a bully though. Stubborn. Wants what she wants and isn't happy unless she gets it.

P.p.s Let us also not forget, RUN GROUP STARTED!!!!