Monday Motivation: Week 1 Half Training

 Here are some snapshots, quotes, and moments that brought me happiness, joy, and reminded me to be healthy. 
Week one is officially in the bag. Didn't do to bad. I ran a total of 4 times in the past week. Yesterday I ran 4 miles. My goal was to beat my time from the 4th. Which I did, but only by a minute. But hey...progress is progress right?
I've been drinking a lot more water and runs don't seem so taxing. There does come a specific point in time though during the run that I feel suddenly heavy. It gets hard to move fast. I'm not sure if that means anything or if it just means that I'm slowly getting back into being a more consistent runner. Never the less, I persist. 


 Runfie from my 4 miles on Sunday

 This just cracked me up. Tan arms, white feet. Can you tell I'm a runner?

I saw this on my instagram account. Boy does it sound familiar...going to need to start working on some discipline on the weekends as well!

This last week I was dealing with some minor low back pain. I think my hip flexors are tight, which caused my SI joint to lock up...picture me frantically searching for relief on pinterest. I'm trying to not only stretch more, but I have also asked for a standing desk to be installed at my work station. I can't sit all day. I was thinking about it earlier today, and I'm fairly certain I've never had a job where I've been this sedentary. Sitting is good and relaxing, but it's to much pressure on my low back and I don't think it's good for my bowels either...keeping it real.

Anyway, standing desk ordered.  And hip flexor release stretches. Chiropractor appointment scheduled for Friday. Plus using some real time pain relief and muscle relief badger balm.

This is the one I found to be the biggest help.

Alright, I have got to hit the hay. Headed to the gym in the mornin'.