I'm fairly certain I'm still battling some left over adrenal fatigue from the marathon. I'm not sure if that's REALLY a thing, or I just think that's a thing. Either be honest. It could just be adrenal fatigue from the past 6 months of my life.

I was working two jobs, then transitioned into what I thought was going to be my dream job. Still working two jobs, the job I had wasn't working plus training for the marathon. Emotional + Physical Stress. Not to mention trying all that pre-workout...Then quitting said 'what-I-thought-was-my-dream-job', plus financial stress.
Then starting new job. Not a dream job, but it's EXACTLY what I need. However it's much earlier in the morning than I am used too. Still stress eating, trying to work two jobs...then finally...finally be able to afford working one job. I think it just all added up over time and taxed my already over stressed system.

With all that said, I do know that I am slowly getting better at self care. Recognizing when I need a break instead of pushing myself to my breaking point.

Unfortunately, I haven't been sleeping very well. Probably a bad case of "what ifs" kept me up, and not handing it over to the problem solver. Wednesday hit me like a ton of bricks. I had the choice between getting stuff done or sleeping, and friends, let me tell you, I chose sleep. 

I just needed sleep. I texted the man, said "Not sure what we're doing tonight but I am going to bed early. Like REALLY early." I took some melatonin and at 9pm I was out. I've been following it up every night (minus the melatonin) of getting quality + quantity sleep.

If you head over to the National Institutes for Health you'll quickly discover why we need sleep. It's not just sleep though. My body has hurt too. Pushing it too far again without relaxing it. That's why yoga is so important. Stretching but still strengthening. Then a very much needed massage.

Plus getting a head start on next week. Making Paleo Blueberry Scones for breakfast, pulling lunch out and meal prepping. As soon as laundry is done, I am going to set my clothes out for tomorrow and pack for run happy hour.

By planning for the week ahead, I know I'll be able to withstand more of what the week throws at me. Instead of going into the battle half cocked and not ready, I'll be equipped and ready to take on any challenge.

Start recognizing the difference between a breaking point and a break.

Speaking of that...I need to switch laundry and finish packing lunches.
Blessings everyone,