Woman Crush Wednesday and Acne Update

I've been wanting to do this post for awhile. However, I'm about half way through the regime so I'll be doing another update here in a few more weeks.
I have changed everything I am using on my face again. LOL, oh boy.
Let's start here...
Do you remember when my acne was this bad?

Luckily, it was not getting that bad again but with a recent cluster of an outbreak I was tempted to switch up products again.

I've had 3 people actually approach me about Rodan and Fields. I can honestly say I wasn't excited to try it. I figured it would be just another regime. The reason for the switch though was, my skin wasn't reacting well, any longer, to the bioelements line. Great line! Love it! But I keep getting breakouts. (Yes part of my acne problem is due to consuming dairy and while I was still consuming dairy it was in very minimal amounts. I haven't had cheese in ages. I had a few m&m's 2 weeks ago, but that's it. The breakouts and dryness persisted.) I still had scars and discoloration, plus the dry, almost burned feeling from being dehydrated right underneath my eyes. Oh boy.

Since I transitioned out of salon life, I figured why not give it a shot? I'm not tied to a brand anymore and the bioelements alone wasn't helping. I still had a few cystic acne spots. I was using the light therapy and masks...but it just kept coming back.  

This was me late May.

Not bad. You can see the acne spots I was struggling with a little...I had the flash on so you can't really see how red the spots were but the worst was up by nose underneath my right eye (your left), as well as the spots on the right side of my cheek. I was on another mend from a recent outbreak in this photo. It was the night before starting R+F.

I can honestly say I loved it right away. No horrible smell. No burning. It actually smells pleasant, but not overly perfumed with fragrance.

They have you start out lightly. First every other night, then every night, then combine it with every other morning and every morning. I went with the unBlemish Regime because one of the soothe products had gluten in it. I just didn't want to attempt it.

This is me, one week after Rodan and Fields.   I left the flash off this time. You can almost see the trail down the side of my face where the acne was healing as well as the dry spots. In the top left picture of this photo you can see the line where I had "good skin" and where the dry, cracked line of healing had begun. The dryness did not come from Rodan + Fields. I don't know how else to describe what my face looked like. Other than that, after I cleaned you would have thought I left a mask on too long every single time I took my makeup off. You could see where I had smooth skin and damaged skin.

This has been my progress thus far.
I had a breakout around week 5. Hormones. YAY! That's what that little boil is on my chin, left overs from week 5. However, at this point...it's not bad. You can see where the small red spot on my cheek appears. It hasn't fully gone away but it's definitely not staying either. 

 Can you see my even skin tone? I'm even a little dewy looking now and not from an over production of oil from being so dry. My breakouts are very minimal. (I can always tell when I use the front facing camera and the rear facing one. That spot underneath my right side of my nose (your left) is still there but not as red, and is covering well with makeup.

I'm excited to see what the rest of Rodan + Fields has to offer. My next goal is to get the power peptides powder, as well as their microderm scrub.

I only had "one complaint", which I was warned about, it could dry me out if I over used it, so I needed to scale back a bit in the beginning until my face got used to it. I use it twice a day, every day. I am not currently using the oil control at night, I'm finishing a bottle of another moisturizer at night. However I would like to Rodan and Fields overnight restorative cream.  I would also like to switch over to the Daily Cleansing Mask as well, for my weekly masks that I like to do.

One of the best parts... it's lasted me just about three months. I had to learn that you don't need a lot of the product in order for it to work. otherwise I probably could I have used it a LOT LONGER. I need to order more of the oil control moisturizer, otherwise, I'm certain I can get another month out of the product. It does have a money back guarantee. It's even an empty bottle one. So if you use the regime for the entirety of the life span of the bottle, and you still don't like it, guess what? You get your money back. 

Right now, I'm loving how my skin is looking AND feeling. No longer dehydrated. Very minimal active breakouts.

I will keep you posted in the coming weeks and months. The closer my sisters wedding gets, the crazy weird I'm going to get about my skin care regime.

If you would like order some or just check it out head over to Rodan and Fields expert Stephanie Tracey Jeannette 'My R and F' page. She recently got a promotion in the Rodan and Fields company as well! Look, they give gifts! Stephanie is a stellar motivator too. She would be my Woman Crush Wednesday this week. After hearing her story of how her first marathon went, it's what me inspired to finally sign the waiver and commit to it. Just a month ago or so, she ran part of an MS awareness run across the country with her friend who battles MS. Good friend. Boss lady. Hell of a motivator. Smart. Active. Go getter...you can't go wrong knowing a woman like her.

Anyway, take a look around at her page. If you struggle with low self esteem due to acne issues, give Rodan and Fields a try. The money back guarantee makes the investment worth it.

Lastly though, if you're a hippie like me, you'll check out Skin Deep for their rating on R+F, they have older products listen but if they haven't changed much, it's safe to use.

Blessing and with love,